Sliding Windows

Sliding windows open horizontally, with the sash sliding to the left or right. Think of it like a single hung or a double hung window, on its side. Slider windows increase panoramic views of the outdoors and are a perfect fit for situations with limited vertical area. In addition, slider windows require fewer parts to manufacture, which can increase ease of use and result in less maintenance over time.

Gliding or sliding windows come with sashes that glide right or left in either direction in a single frame, allowing for ease of use. Sliding windows are ideal for homes with shorter walls that match with tall and slender windows. They are also perfect where it is hard to open the windows, for example, areas with high foot traffic.

Sliding windows are typically found in rooms where an obstructed outdoor view is desired. Moreover, it is perfect if you are looking for maximum ventilation, especially if you live in hot areas. Their wide design makes them ideal for large spaces.

The windows slide along the window frames to open or close conveniently. Sliders guarantee homeowners several benefits over conventional windows.

The benefits of Sliding Windows include:

Ease of operation. Opening sliding windows is as simple as releasing a latch and sliding a window open or shut. Their design reduces the risk of malfunctioning when closing or opening

Durability. Sliders don't have the pulleys and springs that other window types use. Such components tend to wear down or fail with time, reducing your window's durability. Sliding windows also feature window glazing, which increases their durability

Low maintenance. Sliders have fewer components, which translates to low maintenance compared to ordinary windows

Increased functionality. Most sliding windows come with window glazing, which improves insulation and energy efficiency. Window glazing minimizes UV ray infiltration into your home. Additionally, sliders allow more ventilation since they let in the air when fully opened.

We supply and install highly energy-efficient sliding windows designed to help you regulate the air inside your home. The sliding windows feature tight sealing, ensuring no air leaks in and out during the cold and hot seasons.


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